This page is a summary of some of the administrative aspects of the group.

Legal Status

The group is currently incorporated. It was incorporated in 2005 under the name COOLEMAN RIDGE PARK CARE GROUP. Our Registration Number is A02525.


The group is affiliated with the Southern ACT Catchment Group. This relationship provides the group certain benefits such as insurance and legal liability.


The group is self funded and does not receive any regularly funding from the government or other organisations. However, the group occassionally receives small amounts from special purpose grants.

Most funds are obtained by either fundraising, donations or bequests. Funds are generally spent on purchasing and maintaining tools, printing/publishing, website hosting, etc.

Donations and bequests of money or useful resources are always welcome!


The group is governed by a formal constitution. The group is managed by an executive committee that is elected by general members at our Annual General Meeting. The current structure of the committee is as follows.

  • President - Linda Spinaze
  • Vice President - Alan Ford
  • Secretary - Rob Lundie
  • Treasurer - Rohan Thomas

There are also some other non executive roles performed by the group.

  • Webmaster - Rohan Thomas
  • Editor (newsletter) - Rob Lundie
  • Public Officer - Doug Tinney