About the Group

The Cooleman Ridge Park Care Group is a ParkCare group that "cares" for the Cooleman Ridge Nature Reserve.


The mission of the Cooleman Ridge Park Care Group is to "restore the bush" by returning the ecology of the nature reserve to it's pre-European state.


The group was formed in 1991 by three ladies - Bess Sledge, Pauline Lynga and Tina Nevins. The group has now grown to have 50 registered members that contribute in various ways with small but active core of members that regulary meet and work on the nature reserve.


The group meets once a month on the third Sunday of every month for a group working party. The group works on one of designated group work areas. Please see our latest newsletter for the specific details for our next meeting.

There are also smaller weekly work groups that focus on just one specific area of the nature reserve. These include:


The group performs a wide variety of work including:


The group works with a number of other organisations: These include:


To find out more about our activities please email Cooleman Ridge Parkcare Group.