The Cooleman Ridge Nature Reserve has several large plantations that have been established on it.

Some of these plantations were planted by the group, but some of them pre existed the formation of the group in 1991 and their origin is not known.

The purpose of the plantations is varied. Some are believed to be created as windbreaks while others have been planted to replace the native tree cover that was originally removed as part of clearing the land.

These plantations are made up of various trees - normally Eucalyptus and Acacia species. Some of the species are indigenous to the ridge, but some are not.

The plantations that were established by the group were done in the early yeats of the group, when the focus of the group was to plant new plants to quickly replace the native vegetation cover that had been lost through years of grazing and clearing. However, over the years as the tree cover has increased, the focus of the group has shifted focus from plantings to weeding. The group therefore does not create new plantations anymore. This is also inline with the groups strategy about how to most effectively restore the ecology of the group.

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