Cooleman Ridge is rich in a variety of fauna. It is likely that most visitors will see kangaroos and wallaroos every time they visit, and more rarely a wombat or echidna.

Birds can be seen and heard, especially around the dams. You are quite likely to see magpies, currawongs, choughs, pee wees, kookaburras, ducks, wrens, cockatoos, galahs, crimson rosellas, eastern rosellas, crows/ravens, kestrels, falcons, and red-rumped parrots.

Many of the reptiles (dragons, snakes, blue-tongue lizards, skinks) live amongst and under the rocks. So, it is important not to disturb their habitat by moving rocks to make cairns or similar structures. Of particular significance is the rare Pink-tailed Worm Lizard which looks like a combination of small snake and worm. It is most likely found amongst rocky outcrops in the native grassland on the north-facing slopes of the Ridge where exotic grasses have not been encouraged and there has not been extensive grazing.

Turtles and frogs can be found in and around the dams along with dragon flies, beetles, centipedes, millipedes, snails etc.

Unfortunately the Ridge is also home to rabbits, foxes and cats.

Dogs are welcome on the Ridge but should be kept on a lead so as not to frighten the animals.

No fauna should be handled. If you come across one that is injured, contact ACT Wildlife.

For a full list of the fauna seen on the Ridge, see the Animal List. Further information about and photos of fauna found on the Ridge can be viewed in the Gallery.

The Canberra Nature Map is another good source to help identify fauna in the Canberra region.