Walking and Running

There are many well established trails for walking and running. The Bicentennial National Trail (BNT)runs along the back of the Ridge, and the Cutoff Drain Fire Trail (FT) runs along the front behind the houses of Chapman. There are many connecting paths between the two so it is easy to construct different and varied loop walks. The circular loop around the whole Ridge from Kathner St in the north around Mt Arawang in the south and return takes just over two hours.

Five suggested walks are outlined in colours on this MAP with specific directions below. Here is a pdf version of those directions if you wish to print them.

Mt Arawang Loop

Duration: 35 mins
Colour: Green     

Proceed out from Lincoln Place up to the vehicle track and go left. Follow this track around the base of Mt Arawang on your right. Pass a bridge and the Mt Arawang Summit Trail sign on your right and continue westward on the trail. Go right, crossing the culvert then proceed steeply uphill still on the vehicle track. At the saddle you could detour right to ascend Mt Arawang (15 min return, great views), or continue straight ahead down to the bridge which crosses the cutoff drain, and back to Lincoln Close.

Cooleman Ridge Loop

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes return
Colour: Yellow     

This walk starts at Kathner St and proceeds all the way around the Ridge including Mt Arawang. Proceed out from the end of Kathner St on the right hand trail. Take the right fork to pass a dam on your left. Follow the wide Bicentennial National Trail (BNT) as indicated by the Cooleman Ridge BNT signs all the way along the side of the Ridge. You will pass a number of dams on the way. Ignore the McQuoids Hill BNT on your right and continue on. When you come to some horse troughs after about an hour, go left on the Mt Arawang Saddle FT (fire trail) through a gate. Proceed uphill a short way then go right on a track. Follow this track downhill and across a bridge to a gravel fire trail. Go left on the Cutoff Drain FT. Follow this trail all the way around Mt Arawang and along the northern side of Cooleman Ridge overlooking Canberra on your right. On the way you will pass steps on your left going up to the Mt Arawang Trig (10 mins) and later the Cooleman Trig (10 mins). When you come to the Kathner St Access sign go right downhill and back to Kathner St. Be careful on this part of the trail as it is steep and slippery. To avoid this turn onto the narrow loop trail.

Nature Trail near Kathner St

Duration: 10 mins
Colour: Purple     

Proceed through the gate on the left hand side of the end of Kathner St. A short way up the fire trail go right at the Nature Trail sign. See the Cooleman Ridge Nature Trail brochure for more details

The Ridge Line Loop

Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes
Colour: Blue     

From the southern end of Mt Arawang, climb up the summit trail to the Trig. Go left from the Trig downhill. Proceed straight ahead through a gate and pass two tracks on your left. Go left uphill to follow the Centenary Trail. Go right on a narrow track (part of the Centenary Trail) to pass the reservoir on your left.

Panorama Walk

Duration: 20 minutes
Colour: Red     

Proceed up from Darrell Pl and through a step through gate. Go right at the reservoir and continue uphill. Take the left fork and follow the track as it winds uphill to the Anniversary Seat on your right. This seat was installed to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Cooleman Ridge Park Care Group. Linger awhile to admire the panoramic view. Continue down the track to a gate on your right. Go through the gate and turn right on the main trail. Pass the large rock pillar (Sentry Box) on your left and continue downhill back to Darrell Pl.

Cooleman Trig Trail

Duration: Allow 1 hour
Colour: Pink     

This walk proceeds from the northern end of the Ridge at Kathner St up to Cooleman Trig and return. Details, including a map, can be found in a brochure which is available in boxes at Kathner St and the bottom of the Trig. See the Cooleman Trig Walking Trail brochure for more details