The Cooleman Ridge Parkcare Group holds a variety of meetings that are held either on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis and which everybody is welcome to attend.

Monthly Meetings

The group holds regular monthly work meetings and are the main opportunity where members perform hands on work in accordance with our accepted strategy.

The meetings are normally held on the 3rd Sunday of the month and are held at one of our 6 designated Group Areas. The meetings in the hotter months (November to February) are held in the cool of the morning while during the cooler months (March to October) the meetings are held in the afternoon. The exact time and location is published the in the relevant months newsletter.

The main focus of each monthly meeting is weeding but many other activities (eg. surveying, photography, etc) are performed depending on the interests and abilities of the members that attend.

The main objectives of the monthly meetings include the following:

  • To work intensively on a specific Group Area of the ridge
  • as part of its strategy to rehabilitate the ridge.
  • To exchange group news and gossip
  • To motivate members and non members
  • To introduce new members to the group and its work
  • To enjoy the ridge with have a cup of tea and cake!

Weekly Meetings

The Cooleman Ridge Parkcare Group holds smaller weekly work groups that focus on just one Group Area of the nature reserve. The weekly meetings are less formal and have a smaller attendance but perform many of the same activities as the monthly meetings. The most important weekly meetings include:

Annual General Meeting

The group holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the committee members in accordance with its legal obligations as a incorporated organisation.

The main functions performed at the Annual General Meeting include:

  • Elect committee members for the forthcoming year.
  • Approve official documents for submission.
  • Perform strategic planning for the next year.

The Annual General Meeting is normally held in the month of October. The exact time and location is published the months newsletter.